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When It’s Time for New Flooring

Carpets and Hardwood

Shepard Floors in Jacksonville, NC offers the best of both worlds in terms of elegance and practicality with our huge selection of carpets and hardwood floors. From shiny and chic maple floors to ultra-soft carpets, our dedicated flooring professionals are here to help pick the best one to improve the look and feel of your living spaces.

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Elegant and Rustic Finds

While classic hardwood floors are normally made from oak, there are several other variations available nowadays. These types of wood include maple, walnut, fir, cherry, birch, and beech. Moreover, you now have a number of home improvement options when it comes to buying hardwood flooring. You can either shop for unfinished planks that you can stain yourself, or you can opt for easy-to-install pre-finished planks.

Hardwood flooring often comes in strips, planks, or wood tiles. Deciding which one best fits your home is a decision you should carefully make. Just reach out to any of our experts at hand, and they will be happy to provide you with sound advice.

The King of Variety

Carpets are considered the undisputed champion when it comes to variety and popularity. Apart from the multitude of choices available, high-quality carpets last long when installed properly. They come in a diverse range of up-to-date styles, textures, designs, and construction.

Choose carpets that blend well with your lifestyle. For instance, households with young children and pets need highly durable, stain-resistant carpets. Let our knowledgeable staff members get you something that perfectly suits your needs, taste, and preference.

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